Firework Safety

Fireworks Safety

When members of the public are enjoying the sights and sounds of a great fireworks display, whether it’s sponsored by their local city or simply part of a great corporate picnic, they assume that everything is being handled safely. It’s the responsibility of the pyrotechnics professional putting on the show to make sure that’s the case.

Basic Safety Protocols

If you’ve been a fireworks retailer for some time, you can most likely recite the key basic safety rules by heart. In distributing fireworks products to individual retail buyers, it’s important to send them away with a clear picture as to how they can enjoy their fireworks without jeopardizing the safety of themselves, their family, or the surrounding infrastructure. These basic protocols include:

  • Keeping plenty of water readily available while lighting fireworks, for use in the event of grass catching fire or a wayward shell igniting something flammable in the area
  • Carefully assessing the environment for exceptionally dry conditions, proximity of pets and young children, and other factors that could create a hazardous situation with fireworks
  • Storing fireworks safely out of reach of children when not being used, as well as strictly supervising fireworks during use to prevent kids from getting their hands on them.

Local Regulations

Different states, counties, and municipalities also have specific laws governing the use of fireworks within their jurisdictions. Individuals are responsible to research and understand their local laws, not only in order to comply with legal requirements, but to keep the environment safe as dictated by local officials.

Professional Safety Protocols

Of course, professionals in pyrotechnics need to expand the scope of their safety protocols when creating fireworks displays that are larger, longer, and use more powerful products. In addition to following the basic safety protocols mentioned earlier, it is necessary to thoroughly scope out the launch area, closing it off to the public and ensuring that there are no people, vehicles, or structures too close to “ground zero.”

Another important component of safety in professional fireworks displays is ensuring high quality in the fireworks products themselves. Not only do frequent “duds” kill the mood of an otherwise great display, but if fireworks have inconsistent fuses, low quality materials, or are assembled improperly, they can be unpredictable and create a very hazardous situation.

Working with Joe Dirt Wholesale Fireworks is an ideal way to stock your fireworks stash with products that are not only brilliant and exciting, but also predictable. We work with Wizard Fireworks and other industry leading manufacturers to provide our clients with the very best and keep them and their customers safe.

Safety Is Priority

Even if the customers you’re serving in your retail store or as a pyrotechnician aren’t particularly concerned about safety, it’s up to you to provide the necessary information, do whatever you can to keep everyone safe, and help to make every fireworks display a happy, exciting occasion and not a dangerous one.

For more information about firework safety for professionals and to learn about our quality products, get in touch with us directly. We’d love to talk!

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