Joint Task Force (5″)

P8053A-Ruby red-featuring theme kit 1. Thick gold palm with ruby dahlias and white lace 2. Ruby peony with crackles 3. Brocade crown with ruby dahlias and white strobes 4. Ruby palms with gold lace 5. Nishiki willow with ruby dahlias 6. flower crown w/ ruby dahlias P8053B-White lace-featuring kit 1. Red and blue dahlias with white lace 2. Purple green dahlias with white lace 3. Orange blue dahlias with white lace 4. Thick gold palm with white lace 5. Red and blue palm with white lace 6. Flower crown with white lace P8053C-Blue-featuring kit 1. Blue to red peony 2. Blue to timerain 3. Blue to brocade 4. Brocade to blue 5. Gold willow to blue 6. Blue ring

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Case Pack


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