Chameleon Shells (5″)

24 shots of color changing 60-gram canisters 1. Purple to blue to timerain 2. Lemon to brocade 3. Green to red to brocade 4. Green to orange to red 5. Blue to timerain 6. Blue to brocade 7. Blue to gold willow to white strobes 8. Gold wave to brocade to silver palm 9. Flower crown to blue 10. Gold willow to brocade 11. Red to brocade to white strobes 12. Gold palms to purple 13. Gold palms to timerain with color pearls 14. Gold palms to blue and red pearls 15. Gold palms to red w/ white strobes 16. Red, green blue to silver wave 17. Red to green to crackles 18. Red to green to blue 19. Red to blue to white strobes 20. Red to blue with red mines 21. Flower crown to red 22. Brocade to red/green with white strobes 23. Brocade to orange 24. Brocade to gold willow to blue

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