Fireworks are a fantastic way to celebrate a holiday or special event, but they can be dangerous if misused.

Follow these eight tips for a safe celebration:

Verify the Safety of the Environment

Fireworks should only be deployed from a flat, hard surface, far away from people, buildings, and pets. And never use fireworks indoors, no matter how large the building is!

Keep Fireworks Away from Children

Fireworks are extremely dangerous for children. Don’t store them within reach of children, and never let kids light fireworks without the immediate supervision of a responsible adult.

Don’t Tamper With Fireworks Before Deploying

Linking fireworks together, tampering with fuses, trying to relight “duds,” and other actions can cause fireworks to malfunction or light before expected, potentially leading to serious injury.

Use Water to Dispose of Used Fireworks Safely

When using fireworks, keep a garden hose and/or bucket of water nearby. Dispose of fireworks by soaking them in water first to avoid igniting other trash after disposal.

Never Use Homemade or Other Non-Commercially Made Fireworks

Fireworks are manufactured carefully, using extremely flammable materials. Never use fireworks that are from an unknown source, as they can easily cause severe injury.

Never Use Illegal Fireworks

Make note of your state and local laws related to the use of fireworks and follow them carefully. Never use fireworks that are illegal in your area.

Follow Directions For Use of Fireworks

Read directions on all fireworks and follow them during use. Failing to follow directions creates a hazardous situation for you and others in the area.

Store Fireworks Properly To Avoid Damage

If it is necessary to store fireworks, keep them somewhere dry and cool. Fireworks should always be stored in a location inaccessible to children.